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Today, I was challenged with this word from the Lord "What is your stone?" John 11:38-41. In this passage Jesus told the on lookers to roll the stone away when He was delayed from coming to see about Lazarus. We know how the story goes. Lazarus died. Well there was something that Jesus asked the grieving relatives and friends of Lazarus to do. Something that most thought was unnecessary and foolish , but something that was certainly doable for them. Then of course, Jesus did what only He could have- RAISE THE DEAD!

What I learned from this passage is God will often times ask us to do what we can, in exchange for our BELIEF that He CAN DO WHAT ONLY HE CAN! Raise us from our DEAD circumstances! If we can only learn and forever settle in our souls, that God only requires us to do what He asks us to do-TRUST AND OBEY and BELIEVE that He will do what he promised.

Today, may we rest in the Lord in knowing that what is impossible with man is possible with God! So roll the stone that God told you to move and watch God move on your behalf. Amen!


Reverend Thea A. Wilson



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